Customer Comments

Jaci and the REC team made the process very easy and stress! We would recommend and use again. 

Brooke S. June 2022

Being able to reach Linda by phone and email and receive quick responses was super helpful especially with coordinating with the settlement company. 

Elizabeth Y. June 2022

Julie and Dawn were outstanding to work with. Prompt, efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable.  It does not get better than that! Thanks so much! 

G. Ronald G.

May 2022

Your team is professional and easy to work with.  Could not have had a better experience! 

Neil A.

May 2022

Really impressed with your service, quickness and attention to detail. Have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Thank you. 

Michael & Celeste B.

May 2022

This was such a smooth transaction with a team of knowledgeable professionals. I would definitely use your company in the future.

Richard K.

May 2022

This was my first time using you, but I will make sure to refer you to all of my contacts.  It was a smooth as silk experience and your commitment to excellence is apparent. 

Arif O.

May 2022

Julie Bell was excellent to work with. She was very responsive, educated us on the process, and was on top of the closing at every step. I wish she handled the full closing and not just the 1031. Thank you for the help! 

Matt N.

May 2022

You did a terrific job! You explained everything beforehand from A to Z and were responsive to us every step of the way. I will definitely use Realty Exchange Corporation again and will recommend you to my friends. Thanks!

Steven G.

May 2022

Julie Bell has been wonderful – thanks for the great service. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Dina K.

May 2022

Jaci was absolutely wonderful. She made the process super easy. Thank you!  

Sinden S.

April 2022

Your services were superb. Our experience could not have been better.  

Stuart D.

April 2022

Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with – very kind, extermely informative, and was there every step of the way!  

Kevin F.

April 2022

Great service! You made the whole transaction smooth with your experience and professionalism.  

Rama K.

April 2022

The timing of the 1031 online class was perfect for our needs.  We will recommend you in the future.  

Gordon W.

April 2022

My experience was excellent and professional!!!! I will come back again for more 1031 Exchanges!  

Alice S.

March 2022

Nina Harris made this very stressful situation as easy as possible. She was reliable, knowledgeable, and proactive in dealing with our attorney in NY.

Bonnie and Judd K.

March 2022

You guys are awesome! We will use you again and refer you to our friends.  

Kathleen L.

March 2022

Best service with a 1031 we have ever had! 

Catherine B.

March 2022

Julie Bell was fantastic to work with! Everything was done to the highest standards. We really appreciate the great customer service! Thank you!

Maria G.

March 2022

This was the most efficient 1031 Exchange Agency I have ever encountered.  Thank you for making the process so easy! 

Doris C.

March 2022

Jaci and Bill were both very efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful, not to mention patient with my questions!

Renee S.

March 2022

Gena was fabulous to work and chat with!

Kathy K.

March 2022

Gena and team were all over the exchange. Thanks for all the assistance!  

Jason L.

March 2022

We did 3 1031 exchanges last year, all of which were handled by Gena Newman. She was one of the most effective and pleasant persons I have ever worked with. 

Walter L.

February 2022

Thank you for your professional assistance to complete this exchange efficiently and professionally.

Susan B.

February 2022

Just a really seamless process. I very much appreciated Tammy’s professionalism, attention to detail, and helpfulness.

Shikha B.

February 2022

Everything done was first rate. I will both recommend and use again!

Steven Haer

January 2022

What I figured would be a complex transaction, you all made it extremely easy. Helped me understand the process very thoroughly and could not have done better. Thank you!