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How do 1031 Exchanges work?

1031 exchanges can be very complicated if you don’t know the process click here to learn the ins-and-outs.

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What are the key rules?

Learn the most important things for exchangers to keep in mind while planning their exchange.

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What are the steps to an exchange?

Let us walk you through an exchange, step-by-step so that you know what to expect.

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Reverse Exchanges

A reverse exchange is a type of exchange for investors who wish to acquire a replacement property before they settle on their relinquished property.

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Improvement Exchanges

An improvement exchange is a type of exchange for investors who wish to have improvements completed on their replacement property before they acquire it using their exchange escrow funds.

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We Teach Classes!

We teach classes about 1031 Exchanges!

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What People Are Saying

Very Responsive

We found your company very responsive. Bill spent alot of time explaining the details of the transaction. Could not have done better. 



Provided prompt, professional, patient, and friendly service to a 1031 newbie!! Excellent!!



I was completely impressed! I am a real estate agent and will certainly recommend you.

-Sylvia Miller


Drop and Swap California Case: Taxpayer Wins on a 2007 Transaction

The appeal of Sharon Mitchel vs. California is a CA Drop and Swap tax case we are watching closely. The case has potential national impact. The language of the 1031 law says you can exchange property that is held for investment or business purpose for replacement...

Since 1990 – 29 Years and Counting

This year Realty Exchange Corporation celebrates 29 years as a Qualified Intermediary (QI). Founded in 1990 by Ed Horan (pictured), Realty Exchange continues its laser focus to provide 1031 exchange QI services for our clients. We thank the thousands of clients who...

About Us

Since our founding in 1990, Realty Exchange Corporation’s sole mission is to provide qualified intermediary service to real property investors and their advisors for 1031 exchanges. 

William Horan is a Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES), the qualified intermediary industry’s prestigious designation. The CES® designation requires years of experience, testing, adherence to a code of ethics and on-going continuing education.


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